Second Chance to attend the ‘Purchase Lease Options 2020 – Master Class’

Last week we invited you to join Simon Zutshi, on a live 90-minute live online Master Class all about the best strategy to use in 2020 and why now is going to be the best buying opportunity of this Decade.

Not surprisingly, this live online training was massively oversubscribed, and not everyone was able to attend, so Simon has agreed to rerun this live training for you on Thursday 9th January starting at 8 pm.

Click here now to secure your place on this 2nd chance training.

On this live 90-minute training Simon will share with you:

  • Exactly what is happening in the UK market right now
  • Why this is the opportunity of this Decade for you
  • What is the biggest risk now and how to avoid it
  • How you can profit from this situation
  • What is going to happen in February 2020
  • Why most investors will miss out on this
  • Why PLOs are the very best strategy to be using right now
  • What steps you need to take next

Click here now to register for this training.

In case you don’t know who Simon Zutshi is, he is the Author of Property Magic, one of the most successful property mentors in the UK and the founder of the property investors network (pin). pin is the largest network of property specific networking meetings in the UK, with 50 meetings every month all over the country.

This means that Simon is in the unique position of having his ear to the ground, to find out exactly what is happening with property investors at the grassroots level all over the UK.

No one else has access to this valuable market data.

For the last few months, Simon has been telling us that something really big is about to happen. He is going to share all the details about this and exactly how you can profit on a brand new live online training Master Class this Thursday (9th January) at 8 pm.

You can secure your place by clicking here.

P.S. This training was oversubscribed last week, which is why Simon is running it again for you this Thursday at 8 pm. Please remember this is not a recording, but instead live online training and this really is the last opportunity for you to learn about this incredible market opportunity. Please take action now and secure your place before it is too late by clicking on this link

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