PIRC EnergyAre you fed up with utility costs increasing by around 15% per annum?

Utilities were the second largest cost behind the mortgage in our property business until we worked out how to access the wholesale utility market.

Typically most Property Owners are buying in the retail energy market place which only has 22 providers.

The wholesale energy market place offers over 50 providers. These include Gazprom, TGP, Engie to name a few you wont find in the retail space.

Do you want access to great wholesale utility pricing?

Good News – PIRC Energy has negotiated exclusive deals with all energy providers including those supplying wholesale. This will help you save up to 30% on your energy costs. Don’t forget you can lock prices in by fixing your costs in some cases for up to 5 years. No more nasty price increases or utility bills draining your bank account.

Its Easy to get a wholesale utility quote

To see how much you could save is really easy. Just email your last bill(s) by email Team@Pirc-Energy.co.uk and they will do all the heavy lifting for you, emailing back a simple comparison for you see all the top offers and the savings against your current provider. Like what you see, We’ve made it easy for you to accept and switch, we’ll send an Electronic contract for you to sign and just sit back and enjoy the savings.PIRC Wholesale utility

Is there a risk?

No, its the same gas and electric delivered to your property down the same pipes and cables. The only thing that changes is the person sending you the bill and who you contact for customer service.

Want to Reduce Gas Consumption?

Take a look at the our article on how to cut consumption by around 30% How to save 30% off your Heating Bills

Property Investor Reward Club

Property Investor Reward Club have partnered with PIRC-Energy.co.uk  to bring you access to the wholesale energy market and cash back on your purchases quote your PIRC membership number to access exclusive PIRC rates

PIRC is an exclusive membership club for property traders, investors and landlords which gives you immediate access to discounts from all the suppliers you need in your property business.

Benefit from EXCLUSIVE rates on everything from building materials to solicitors’ fees. You also earn cash back and rewards with every purchase at PIRC-Card.co.uk.

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