Have you ever visited your investment property in the winter and found it to be like Barbados inside? A beautiful warm 30 degrees and a cool breeze blowing through as the tenants have the heating on high, the windows wide open and you see your wallet emptying out of the window? Sound familiar?

Many landlords share this problem and given heating bills are usually the second largest cost behind the mortgage.  An effective solution to control this cost without harassing the tenants is important.  So Property Investor Reward Club partnered with Time-O-Stat to bring you a solution we found works brilliantly and pays for itself in around 4 months.

The problem you have is the heating is left on high while the tenants are out. Fit a Time:o:stat central heating control and you will cut heating bills dramatically by around 30%.

Time:o:stats are an easy to use tenant operated thermostats that cuts the heating off when a countdown timer runs out. Bills are kept to a minimum as the heating can not be left running 24 x 7. It is hassle free as the tenants control the heating by pressing a button to give the heating for a fixed amount of time before they need to press the button again. So if they go out you’re not heating an empty house and your bills will not get out of control.

With wired and wireless models the Time O Stat can easily retrofit and replace your current boilers room thermostat. Installation takes less than 30 minutes and has a host of useful features which can be set by the landlord at the point of installation. 


  • Six different landlord selected time limits (1/2hr, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 4hrs and 6hrs)
  • Easy to operate tamper-proof controls for the tenant
  • Options to fix maximum (28°C) and minimum temperatures (7°C, 14°C or 21°C)
  • Optional auto-program mode (2 limited program times per day)
  • Designed to preserve the life of your combi-boilers diverter valve

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