What is your financial Blueprint and how is it set? How can you change it?

This webinar is based on the book ‘Secrets of The Millionaire Mind’ – Think Rich to Get Rich by T Harv Eker. We will discuss why some people seem to achieve wealth while others work just as hard but still struggle financially? We will look at the ‘inner game’ of money so that you will be able to achieve financial success.

Do you believe there are Inner and Outer laws of money? If you do then the Outer laws must be…

  1. Business Knowledge
  2. Money Management
  3. Investment Strategy

While the Inner…

  1. Who are you
  2. What are your beliefs
  3. What are your habits and traits
  4. How you feel about yourself and money
  5. How confident are you

“Your Income can grow only to the extent you do!” (T Harv Eker)

So what is your money blueprint set for? – The Million Dollar question, and how can you change it? Are you aware how your subconscious moves you toward where you are now, what if you want a different result? Are you set for Success, mediocracy or financial failure?

Moving on from our last Webinar ’10 Steps To Effective Goal Setting’ we will discuss how to create your life, rather than life ‘just happening’ using the principles from T Harv Ekers book ‘Secrets of The Millionaire Mind’. Find out about your financial blueprint, how to change it and make things happen by creating a mindset of Ownership and Accountability rather than viewing life negatively.

We will discuss this in more depth on Wednesday 25th April 2018 at 7.00pm.

This webinar is part of the on-going PIRC Business Webinar Series ‘What Got You Here Might Not Get You There’. Providing Inspiration, Education and Motivation to help you move your business and life forward…

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