Did you see my last blog? I introduced my friend Guy Bartlett, who teaches business owners, entrepreneurs and property investors how to buy businesses with none of their own personal capital.

If you missed it, I’ve copied it below for you.

And if you’re curious to find out more, Guy has a great YouTube channel here:

This link sends you to a video explaining the concept of The Business Buyers Club, and how you can create greater wealth and freedom for yourself and your loved ones.

It’s only 4 minutes long, and if you love the urban landscape it also gives you an interesting perspective of Manchester – Guy tours the city while he talks.

Watch it here https://youtu.be/aF0ofnIfxUk

Empire building like a Jedi

Do you remember when Disney bought Pixar? And then Marvel? And then Lucasfilm?

Some people thought they were crazy to buy Pixar, but the execs at Disney were on a mission to build an empire. All of these acquisitions paid off for them. And who wouldn’t want to own the studio behind the Star Wars franchise?!

The fact is, buying a competitor is a quick way to grow your business.

If you’ve built a business from scratch then you’ll know how long that takes. You’ll know all about the hours you have to put in, and all the time away from your family.

But buying a profitable business cuts down on that massive time investment.

You can double your turnover without slogging away for years to achieve it. And you don’t have to focus on a competitor – you can buy a supplier or another business that aligns with your goals.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I’ve discovered something that can help you reach your business or investment goals much faster.

My friend, Guy Bartlett, teaches business owners, entrepreneurs and property investors how to buy businesses with none of their own personal capital.

Founder of the Business Buyers Club, he’s been buying businesses for two decades… and he’s passionate about helping people to transform their lives and their levels of wealth through business acquisition.

If you’ve been working long hours – exchanging your time for money – or simply not seeing the returns you’d like on your investments, then this is worth a look.
You can download Guy’s book here:

Here’s what a well-respected entrepreneur had to say about the book:

“I read Guy’s book with great enthusiasm, as I did business the hard way for more than 20 years before learning the art of acquisitions. Guy is spot on with his down to earth, no nonsense approach, which will save readers learning some very expensive lessons the hard way.

Each seller has a different reason to sell and Guy explains how to educate the seller to understand the real market value of their business, so that there is a true win-win, fulfilling each other’s underlying motivations. It took me years of hard work and some very expensive courses to learn what Guy has included in his book.”

– Glenn Richards, Managing Director of Supplies Direct Ltd, Peterborough

The book covers:

  • Why investing in businesses should be a key part of your wealth strategy
  • How you can buy businesses without using any of your own capital
  • How you can put together ethical deals that are a WIN-WIN for you and the vendor

The key is to make sure you’re purchasing an asset rather than “buying a job” and Guy explains the whole process.

I highly recommend downloading and reading the book. It’s a fast read and it explains exactly how the process works.
You can download Guy’s book here:
If you want to learn more about Guy Bartlett, he will be talking at the Great Property Meet on Monday the 25th of June, you can book your place at


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