5 Ways to Maximise Space in Your Rental Property

People looking to rent always want to get value for money. Although renting has become relatively cheaper these days, the available spaces are not often ideal. Most of the time, the space is small, constrained, and poorly designed.

Much like setting up a home for sale, designing a rental space calls for careful planning, and a creative and imaginative touch. Limited space is one of the most challenging parts of creating a marketable rental property. The key is understanding the entire home’s limitations and working around these unique architectural quirks to increase the property’s market value. The average home size in the UK is now 44% smaller, which means limited space to work with. But with a few design tweaks, every room can be maximised. To start, choose neutral tones over blacks and greys for the walls, pieces of furniture, and floors. A neutral colour scheme throughout the house will make spaces look bigger. Invest in a property that has plenty of natural light. But if the house doesn’t have a lot of windows, opt for incandescent bulbs that emit softer, yellow light.

The Kitchen and Dining Area

To make this particular space look bigger, maximise cupboards and other storage spaces by using DIY organisers. Cosmopolitan has a few storage solutions for really tight spaces, such as using DIY hanging laundry baskets, and shelf pockets to save on floor space. The kitchen lights should also be appropriately sized for the space. Use light drapes or sheer ones. Lighting under cabinets can also help brighten prep spaces.

The Living Room

Perhaps one of the most used parts of the house is the living room. It’s best to go for a few statement pieces rather than a lot of unnecessary decorations. For furnished rental properties, rugs are a better option than carpets as they’re easier to maintain. Rugs are also inexpensive ways to add colour and personality to a room. It’s also best to include a space for the tenants to install a television or record player. Creating a designated area for entertainment systems will allow you to choose the optimal position for space and comfort.

The Bathroom

Don’t rely on overhead lighting and use plenty of mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger space. Don’t overlook corners—maximise these spaces by adding DIY shelves or racks. For furnished flats with a big bathroom, it’s the perfect place to hide the washing machine. Store it inside a cabinet with sliding doors and add storage through shelves on top. Here on Pirc-Card we suggested six clever ways to hide a washing machine in the bathroom—from simple curtains to tailor-made bathroom shelves.

The Bedroom

The key to an inviting bedroom is removing any clutter. Push all pieces of furniture up against the wall, and raise shelves and storage units off the ground to open up limited floor space. It’s also ideal to install multi-purpose furniture that can double as storage, like beds with extra drawers at the bottom, or sofas that have shelves for books and electronics. DIY projects are a great way to create a space that feels and looks more inviting without compromising comfort and storage.

DIY projects don’t need to be intimidating. However, it’s vital to choose high-quality materials—from the type of wood, paint, and lightbulbs, to the tools like drills and cutters that you use. Drill bits, for example, need to be kept sharp all the time to ensure a safe load on the tool. This will lead to better cutting results and help prevent any damage to walls. Choosing the right drill for the right material is also key to preventing any damage to your property. The majority of Screwfix’s drill bits come in multi-material sets and are suitable for metal, wood, plastic, and masonry. Little details matter a lot when it comes to refurbishing small properties. Relying on substandard materials and tools might just cause more expense in the future.

With rent prices increasing, landlords must now ensure that they offer value for money, and that means being smart with the space they are offering. By implanting a few tweaks when installing furniture and fittings, the potential to find a tenant will increase.



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