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PIRC Energy Masterclass 

cheap energy tariffsAre you one of thousands of landlords burning £50 notes to heat your HMO? 

It’s almost as if swathes of landlords set their own cash alight to keep their HMO tenants warm – well, they may as well – with 60% of HMO landlords sticking to Big 6 standard energy tariffs which typically means overpaying by £300+/year per fuel and missing out on cheap energy tariffs.

Some are put off switching by fear, others laziness, and some because there are so many new firms they’ve never heard of, choosing is a nightmare. So with temperatures dropping we want to show you 4 STEPS to cut your energy bill for your HMO. This month we’ve saved landlords over £10,000 switching them to cheap energy tariffs.

How to find who YOUR cheapest energy provider is from lots of providers you’ve never heard of

STEP 1: How to pick your cheap energy tariffs… 

PIRC Energy have negotiated special wholesale energy rates. Your cheapest energy provider depends on your location and usage. To find out how much you could save, send a copy of your last bill to Team@PIRC-Energy.co.uk and we will do all the hard work for you.PIRC EnergyUnlike many comparison sites which only show you retail providers, we access the wholesale energy market giving you access to an additional 20+ suppliers who are not in retail. We show you the WHOLE of the market by default and have exclusive 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year fixed rate deals.– It’s best if you send us your bills as we need lots of information to get you the very best price. Don’t worry we can extract all of this information from your regular bill.

– Don’t have your bills? We will ask you for the following as we need lots of information to get you the very best price, such as Annual Usage, Meter Number, Property Address, Meter Type, Kilowatt hours used, any split readings, any penalties.

STEP 2: How to pick a winner from firms you don’t know

cheapest energy tariffWe’re always surprised by how many tell me switching is complex. So to learn why, we’ve observed Property Investor Reward Club members and we think for most the problem isn’t doing a comparison, it’s picking the winner.

The cheap energy tariffs are dominated by names from international providers Eg. Gazprom, TGP, Engie.

So we’ve made it simple and highlight the providers and deals we feel are best for you based on price and customer service.

Don’t like our suggestion, another simple solution is JUST SCROLL DOWN to a name you know, or one with a good customer service rating. Many can scroll down a page and still find they’re saving £100s. Here’s a quick reference to some of the current top-pick options, then We’ll explain them in more detail.

  • Don’t want to switch supplier? You can still save. Many people ask us questions such as “I’m with British Gas –  is it cheap?” Well, what you pay depends on which of a firm’s tariffs you are on.For example, the British Gas standard tariff for someone with typical usage is £1,101/yr – yet right now it has an online tariff at £970/yr.So if you won’t switch firm, at least ensure you’re on its cheapest tariff – all of them have cheaper deals than standard.Which is your firm’s cheapest tariff for you depends on your usage and where you live.

STEP 3: And now switch…switch energy tariff

Don’t worry, this is no biggie. The new firm will handle the switchover – you even give it your final meter reading and it passes it across to your old supplier.

When you switch it’s the same pipes, gas, electricity and safety, and you don’t lose supply. The only difference is price and customer service. No one needs to come to your property, unless you’re having a smart meter fitted.

Start saving money now by sending a copy of your last bill to Team@PIRC-Energy.co.uk and we will do all the hard work for you.

Here are some common questions…

I’m in credit with my current supplier, what happens when I leave? After you’ve given your final meter reading, you should have it repaid. If it forgets (rare these days) chase ’em up.

Will I be credit-scored? Often on direct debit you will, but it’s not strict and almost everyone gets through.

Why’s my direct debit gone up if it’s meant to be cheaper? Your new supplier may be estimating your usage at a higher level. If you think it’s unfair (eg, as you’re usually in credit) just ask it to drop it.

What happens if my supplier goes bust after I switch to it? Newish rules mean your energy stays on, you’ll be transferred to a new supplier (but poss at a different price) and your credit is protected.

STEP 4: How to reduce your Energy Consumption… 

TimeOStatProperty Investor Reward Club is keen to help you save money on your utility bills. The first thing to consider is reducing the usage in your HMO’s. We have partnered with www.TimeOStat.co.uk to give you exclusive discounts if you quote PIRC10 for up to 5 units and PIRC15 for 5 or more units.

Time:o:stats are an easy to use tenant operated thermostat that cuts the heating off when a countdown timer runs out. Bills are kept to a minimum as the heating cannot be left running. It gives hassle free control for the landlord as the tenants have access to controlled heating within limits you choose stopping bills running out of control.

A few more common key energy questions…save-energy-bills

Q. I’m on prepay, can I switch? Yes, but you’ll need to have a meter installed.
Q. Should I get a smart meter? Usually yes. They give accurate bills and you needn’t read the meter. Yet cross-firm compatibility problems mean if you switch again they may go ‘dumb’. PIRC Energy advice is to wait until next year when Smart 2 is launched enabling you to switch and your smart meter remains a smart meter with any provider.
Q. Want a green tariff? We’ve a filter for that, just let us know.
Q. I’m in energy debt – can I switch? You can switch, but will need to pay your balance to your existing provider.
Q. And what if I’ve solar panels? You can still switch. The feed in tariff’s unaffected – you choose if you want to move it to the new supplier.Property Investor Reward ClubProperty Investor Reward Club have partnered with PIRC-Energy.co.uk  to bring you access to the wholesale energy market and cash back on your purchases quote your PIRC membership number to access exclusive PIRC rates

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