Kitchens are the heart of properties. Between the smell of fresh coffee, the aromas of different spices and freshly prepared desserts that smell of cinnamon and sugar, the kitchen is definitely the space that sells a property.

Therefore, we accept no excuse not to indulge in stylish layouts and beautiful designs when it comes to kitchens, even when they’re a bit small sometimes. That’s exactly why we’ve conjured up this piece, with examples of some of the best from Howdens, to give you a few stunning ideas to transform that small kitchen of yours into something magical.

1. Modular kitchens are ideal, as those individual pieces are quite moving-friendly, plus are very versatile for various layouts.Modular Kitchen
2. A slim little island/breakfast bar is all it takes to integrate a neat little dining/working area into a kitchen.Slim Kitchen Island
3. A clean and elegant style is definitely worthy of consideration, as it helps to make a kitchen look neat.

Stylish White Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Banno Lighting

4. A U-shaped kitchen expertly maximizes space, plus helps provide adequate cabinetries for storage.

U shaped kitchen

5. A kitchen that multitasks, like this ingenious creation, can definitely turn a small space into an easy working zone.

Workzone KItchen


6. Soft colours and lots of natural lighting can also help to add visual space – perfect for any small kitchen.

Natural lit kitchen


7. Don’t underestimate the star power of minimalist designs – those clean and sharp lines can give any small area a fresh touch.

Minimalist Kitchen

8. This hidden kitchen is certainly a clever touch, although it’s almost too beautiful to be closed off!Concealed Kitchen
9. A touch of character is always welcome, like a rustic stone wall in a super ernmodern space.Modern Character Kitchen
10. There’s nothing as charming as a pleasantly designed cooking space in the rustic style!Character Kitchen
11. Put some thought into your kitchen’s colour palette – contrasting and complementing hues can make a world of difference.

Colourful kitchen

12. Stainless steel and glass provide dazzle and transparency, 2 ideal elements for a small kitchen.Steel and Glass Kitchen
13. Wood is versatile, that’s why it can look as rustic or modern as you wish. Yet it always brings character!Wooden kitchen
14. Charming touches like brick walls, chalkboard paint and timber shelves are perfect for memorable kitchen experiences.

Character Kitchen

15. Retro is back! Or it can be, if you combine the right colours and patterns.Retro Kitchen
16. These various materials (like marble) conjure up a noble-looking cooking space that makes one forget about the limited legroom.

Marble Kitchen

17. See how easy it is to include all the necessary elements in one simple corner design?L corner kitchen
18. Never neglect your colour palette, for the end result can be like a welcoming sea breeze blowing through your cooking area.

Bright Blue Kitchen

19. Want to feel like you’re permanently on holiday? This cottage-style kitchen might do the trick!Cottage Kitchen


20. Contrast is key, like these bold dark hues offsetting with that cheery yellow. Who said stylish can’t be small?

Contrasting Kitchen

21. Combining design styles (like rustic and modern) can also have an eye-catching effect on a tiny kitchen.

Rustic and modern kitchen

22. Speaking of combining styles, how lovely does this classic stove look when paired with industrial piping and brick walling?

Classic Kitchen

23. How about dedicating a part of the wall to chalkboard paint for inspirational messages or scribbled recipes? So much character!

kitchen blackboard

24. Small does not need gloomy; thus, ensure your tiny kitchen receives ample (and layered) lighting.

Bright tiny kitchen

25. Cool blues skilfully style up this small kitchen into a most relaxing space. Such serenity!Stylish Blue kitchen
26. Say “no” to too many dark hues. The overall palette should be soft and lightPastel Kitchen

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