Research shows that only 3% of adults set written goals and from that 3%, 92% never actually achieve them!

So, what does that mean? Well out of every 10,000 people statistics show that only 300 will set written goals and only 24 will go on to achieve their goals, would you like to be one of those 24?

So, for whatever YOU want to achieve in YOUR Life or YOUR Property Business we have a ‘10 Step method to Effective Goal Setting’, for you to follow…..

  1. Make a Decision.
    On exactly what it is you want to change in your life. Dream big, what would you like your life to look like? Income & Wealth, Family or Health….
  1. Write Your Goals Down.
    You now have a Dream Board? And as we said earlier only 3% of adults write their goals down! They must be SMART, make them very clear as if you are giving instructions:
  1. Identify the obstacles.
    What will get in your way? – Spend a few minutes making a list are they internal (within you) or external obstacles?
  1. Identify your Knowledge or Skills Gaps.
    Do you need to learn new skills or gain more knowledge to achieve your goals? You might need to enrol on a training course, read some books or subscribe to an on-line learning program.
  1. Do you need help?
    Identify the people whose help or co-operation you might need. Is it a family member, will you be spending more time away from home, working longer hours?
  1. Make a Plan.
    Now we are building a picture of what needs to happen, we need to make an action plan, we are now breaking the goal down into smaller sections identifying what needs to be done, by who and by when?
  1. Use Daily ‘To Do’ Lists.
    From your plan write daily ‘To Do’ lists, making sure you prioritize your tasks in order of importance.
  1. Stay Focused.
    There will be times when you want to give up, especially on longer term goals – Don’t!
  1. Practice Visualization.
    Have you heard of IVVM? Idealize, Verbalize, Visualize and Materialize. Well Visualization is a very powerful way of connecting emotion to your goals, making them feel real.
  1. Just do it!
    Now go out and do it! Take some time to carry out steps 1 to 9, then get started today, not tomorrow, next week, but TODAY!

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